Current members



Dr. Asma DHAHAK, Post-doctoral Researcher
2023-2024 Pyrolysis of biomass

Dr. Anna DMOCHOWSKA, Doctorante
2020-2023 Instability and fracture of polymeric multilayer films: Effect of shearing and elongation

Dr. Agathe MOCELLIN, Doctorante
2018-2021 Adhesion between Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Dr. Hrishikesh PINGULKAR, Doctorant
2017-2020 Elongational viscosity and dynamics of drops of polymer solutions

Dr. Valentin AGEORGES, Doctorant
2016-2019 Écoulement et entraînement d’air autour d’un cylindre partiellement immergé

Dr. Benoit LEBON, Post-doctoral Researcher
2016-2017 Instabilities and turbulence in the flow through a sudden expansion pipe

Dr. Kamal SELVAM, Doctorant
2013-2016 Transition to turbulence in circular expansion pipe flow

Dr. Borja MARTINEZ-ARIAS, Doctorant
2012-2015 Torque measurement in turbulent Couette-Taylor flows

Former Master’s students

Laura MIRO PINA (2023)
Alfredo TEVES (2022)
Jianhong BAO (2022)
Octave LIGOPI (2022)
Dipthi MISHRA (2021)
Mohamed NACHAWATI (2020)
Gaëtan CHARON (2019)
Firas MALLAT (2018)
Shun ISHIZAKA (2016)
Dr. Valentin AGEORGES (2016)
Jumpei OHKUBO (2014)
Dr. Rodrigue MBAKOP (2014)
Norio YONEZAWA (2013)
Dr. Khac Lan NGUYEN (2012)
Dr. Abou BA (2012)